Casting Stones



Grand Prize Winner (2008)

SYNOPSIS:  (Full Length Feature – Action/Adventure)

Rome, 2009.  Seven monstrous statues are caged in a Vatican cellar.  One is a fake.  A catastrophic discovery for the Vatican.  After all, this family of statues signifies the end of humanity.

Enter Jared, an arrogant hedonist who can sniff out the reclusive creator of these dangerous idols and placate the panicked Vatican. Jared tracks down Marcus, the faulty, rugged wheelchair bound protagonist, to force him to carve out the missing stone.  Marcus resists Jared’s plan, but is unfortunately bound by pesky destiny to sculpt the last Angel of Armageddon.

Rome 1503.  On the verge of suicide from a wasted life, Marcus discovers an ornate chisel embedded in rock by a colony of extinct druids.  Smack!  Smack!  The newly found chisel cracks out a garden statue for the Pope.  Smack!  The statue bleeds and brings life to stone.

Rome, 2009.  The final stone is nearly complete.  Is Marcus crazy?  How can continue after so many centuries protecting the world from this day?

In an effort to sidestep worldwide destruction, he cleverly hides the surprising truth.  And with the help of his own beloved angel, the intoxicating Cybil, he is able to temporarily mislead Jared.

In the final hour, Marcus must choose between exhaustion and duty, between love and honor.  One path saves mankind.  The other saves himself.


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